Monday, 23 May 2011

A to Z Welcome To Me!

It seems that many of the A to Z's are doing the rounds and as I expect everyone to be as noisy as me I thought I might tag on to this.

A - A the grade of my daughters last exam. So proud!
B - Blogging, a way to express myself and hopefully make a few friends along the way.
C - Chore I dislike? has to be ironing. I hate it with a passion!
D - Daughters of which I have two. Kassandra Nicole and Ashleigh Mae.
E - Energetic, which is what I am when the sun is shining. I'm sure I suffer from SAD. 
F - Favourite colours? red, snotty green, purple and blue. Not all at the same time though!
G - Gold or Silver? Has to be silver.
H - Hats, a new passion. Can't say they suit me but I'm not going to let a small detail like that stop me.
I - Iphone, couldn't be without it. Love it. But having to until Daughters replacement phone arrives!
J - Job title? Training Officer.
K - Knight in shining amour? Will always be my hubby.
L - Lefty or Righty? Right handed.
M - Moms name is Iris.
N - Nasty habits include, swearing too much, picking scabs and sleeping naked much to my youngest disgust!
O - Overnight stays in hospitals? five times in total. Two for having babies, two due to ectopic pregnancies and one for having scar tissue and cancerous cells removed.
P -  Pet hate? People who think they are better than you. 
Q - My favourite quote would have to be the one in my blog title.
R - Red or White wine? Like both but prefer White. 
S - Start to the day? a cup of tea and a bowl of bran flakes. I sound like a right old fart!
T - Tea or coffee? Has to be tea hands down. I'm the only one in our house who drinks it.
U - University? Never went to one. My education ended at secondary school when I left with O levels.
V - Vegetable? How rude! Favourite is broccoli. Great for my anaemia.
W -Whiskas, my daughters cat, a camp little thing if ever there was one with a real naughty streak.
X - X rays had, three the last one was last week due to breathing issues.
Y - Yummiest food? Has to be bannoffee pie. Yummy!
Z - Zumba, an exercise that makes me laugh so much I nearly wet myself! (too much info?)

With a bit of luck that's given you a little more info about me.

But should you have a burning question you would like answering please ask!

X x 


  1. Yeah I hate people who think they are better than you and there is plenty of those types around lol.

    I love broccoli too

  2. Great facts, Trayci! I'll do your ironing as long as you'll share the white wine. xxx

  3. Any time Vix. Sounds the perfect plan to me.

    X x

  4. Hi there!! Fabulous facts, great to hear more about you xx

  5. A fellow ironing hater, hurrah! Do you hate hanging out the washing too?

    I love my iphone a ridiculous amount too.

  6. A cup of tea and a bowl of bran flakes- that must make me an old fart too!
    Great facts!
    How is your daughter by the way? Have the police managed to find anything out. Really hope she is doing ok.

  7. Snotty green? You'll have to elaborate on this one! x


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