Thursday, 19 May 2011

Normal service is resumed, if only for a short time!

Hello again!

Firstly let me apologise for not returning sooner, life kind of got in the way.

And a special thank you to Alex for your concern.
All is well, but when you see the pictures of Ben Nevis (Shall post for Saturday) you will realise that being stuck up there could have been a real possibility.

Scotland was great, even if a little wet.
(Llara no need to apologise for the weather a few of your fellow Scots told us that if we looked out of our window and it wasn't raining,not to worry cause it was about too! Bless it made me giggle.)

The last time I was in Scotland was 16 years ago for my Honeymoon, so it was great to see the same places through different eyes. (old ones)
We ate at crannog.
It does the most fantastic sea food ever.
As well as seeing many other sights, again more to follow in a different post.

But the biggest challenge we faced was by far climbing Ben Nevis.
What a monster that was.
But I shall post that another day.

This week so far has been manic.
I returned home on Monday in order to attend my aunts funeral. So sad.
Then back to work on Tuesday for an all day meeting in Dunstable and then back to Dunstable yesterday for my interview. (Should know Monday if I have the job or not but don't hold out too much hope due to living in the wrong area. Could be classed as too much driving and unacceptable through duty of care.)
And to top my day off yesterday some twonk (that's the clean version!) reversed into the car whilst I was waiting to use the petrol pump.
Guess who's car I was in?
Yep dear hubby's!
Bloody typical eh.

The damage is to the rear passenger side wheel arch.

It doesn't look as bad here but it will be a costly repair.

The guy admitted it was his fault and our insurance has been great thankfully. I just hope his are as good.

So thats the second time I have damaged his pride and joy. The first time was my fault as I hit a post.

Secondly I shall let you know I am off for yet another weekend break, this time to Centre Parcs in Sherwood Forest for even more birthday celebrations for  hubby's birthday.
All kinds of activities have been booked. Other than the obvious swimming we have booked boxercise, abseiling, squash, katakanu, sailing tuition for the youngest, a fish pedicure for the youngest and I and lastly a belly dancing class for me! (it might take weeks for it to stop wobbling!) 
So a fairly busy schedule.

Now comes the hardest part, what to pack and when to pack it!?!
Any suggestions let me know.

X x

PS I shall be catching up with my blogs through out the day so please excuse any late random comments.


  1. I wondered where you'd disappeared to, Trayci! Center Parcs sounds like it will be a great treat. I've always fancied belly dancing but scared I'll dislocate my hip. xxx
    PS Thank you for the lovely words on my blog.

  2. Oh I am jealous, enjoy Centre Parcs x

  3. Oh what a mare about the car! Hope hubby isn't cross with you - it's not like it's your fault. Silly man for reversing into you.

    Glad to hear that you're back safely. The Ben Nevis trip sounds a bit hairy!

  4. I'm sooo envious- I've always wanted to go to Centerparcs!
    By the way as I know you are a shoeaholic, there is a competition at to win a stylish pair of shoes every day for a fortnight!

  5. Hi from Glasgow! Ben Nevis sounds amazing, I'm just not nearly fit enough to attempt anything like that! xx


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