Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easter Preparation...

Like most people, hubby not included, I have a few days off over Easter and I can't wait.
(That is if the snow stays away)

But before that I have to prepare for Easter day itself.


Well, in our family it is a little like christmas, as we all get together and exchange gifts.
Being the frugal lady I am, I have tried to be good this year and have a frugal gifts to give.

My nieces shall both be getting gift sets (purchased for next to nothing of course!) along with a cream egg.

And the other members of the family will also be getting cream eggs, home made vanilla macaroons  and a home made card, other than my mom who will be getting an extra special home made cake.
(pictures to follow)

As it will be my turn to host the meal this year I have been looking for table decoration ideas, as well as desserts.

Heres are a few that caught my eye so far;

Some beautiful table settings which I could copy without spending too many pennies.

So many yummy looking desserts to chose from!

Not too sure that they will be good for the waist line though!

Any ideas or tips to give for the  Easter table or meal?

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  1. How nice that you all celebrate Easter in this way. We don't do anything special x

  2. how sweet that you're planning a get together. we never do anything special for easter.

  3. this is really sweet! food looks delicious Xx

  4. Look forward to seeing what you make

  5. And suddenly I want a cream egg!

  6. i love Easter decs, but i never really bother with them, i have a dream of it being like christmas but i never get around to day!!

  7. There are some lovely ideas there I feel a bit sad that I am having a really quiet weekend :( PS have a lovely Easter xx

  8. How nice, we don't do presents or decorations, but we don't do that at Christmas either, we will get together as a family xx

  9. Your comment on froog's blog was interesting but her response there was rude. I didn't know about the cross possibly representing the moon. But then she is rude and bossy and thinks that hers is the only way to do things. But actually it is pretty joyless. She preaches to the converted like she is the biggest of know-alls and has things to teach the planet.

    I much prefer your blog, your things shown today are delightful. Being able to give gifts to people at special times of the year is nice, we shouldn't go looking for excuses to be mean! People give us gifts, so why should we inflict miserly ways on to them? People see right through it for the selfishness that it is. There are times to celebrate and yes that can mean money, so what?

    1. Wow, thank you for your comment.

      I had to go read the comment Froogs made. I don't believe it was made in malice, at least I hope not. I certainly didn't mean to offend in any way.

      Thank you for reading my little blog, I do hope you will stick around for a while.

      X x


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