Monday, 30 April 2012

Sexy? No... But Truthful At Least....

Now we all like to look nice, of course we do.

After all no one wants to look like dogs dinner do they?

But after work one of the first things I do is get out of my work clothes and into my slobs.
(plus it goes without saying that it prolongs the use of said work wear!)

You know the ones I mean, that comfy outfit that means your home.

And these are mine;
(If you are of a sensitive nature look away now)

Hoodie - Disney store NYC years old
Jeans - ASOs

Not stunning at all, but much me. 

So what are your slobs that you reach for?

X x 


  1. i put my PJ's on! no matter what time it is! somethimes i just put my PJ botoms on and keep a sweatshirt or something on! i can't bear to be around the house in proper clothes!

  2. Hi it looks comfy. I wear my black leggings & a longer top that covers my derriere!. Not forgetting my fluffy black indoor sockies. Itsa nice feeling just pulling my comfies on. My jeans are feeling abit tight so I have not been as comfy as I would like to be in them xx have a lovely evening

  3. Oooh there is nothing like getting into your comfy clothes! I usually get into track suit bottoms and a jumper or my PJ's!!

    Comfy socks are a must!

    Gemma xxx

  4. I have jeans, t shirts and hoodies too. I have a pair of ugg style boots too that I would never wear outside the house.


  5. LOL, at least you can answer the door in yours, my slobbies are my pajamas! I need to invest in a nice, comfy lounge suit xx

  6. As I work from home most days, these would be my Work Clothes :-)

  7. Sweat pants or trackie bottoms; any old t-shirt I can find; and the warmest, biggest, fleeciest hoodie to help me survive my cold, cold house!!!!

    K xx

  8. I like to put my running gear on as soon as I get home. It means that I am ready to go whenever I have a 30 minute window in the evening.

  9. sometimes jeans and a hoodie just have to be done x


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