Friday, 29 June 2012

Busy Busy Bee....

We have been very busy with the allotment what with constant weeding, feeding and of course the harvesting of goodies too.

Even if we have not been enjoying the weather the allotment has been pleased with the rain.
(although a little sun to spur things along would be appreciated next)

We have a never ending supply of lettuce;

Regular people have vests of flowers. Me, I have glasses of lettuce!

I'm very content with them, free frugal food what not to like?

Our mange tout are going strong;

And they make a great addition to any meal.

And the rhubarb is flourishing;

Rhubarb crumble, compote and rhubarb and custard cake will be made from this lot.

We have also been observing my inlaws as they retrieve swarms of bees which was quite an experience.

Heres Andy in his get up;

My inlaws have 6 colonies of bees now which is great as we are kept in honey, which as you know is expensive for the organic stuff.

It also means that we are supplied with bees wax candles too;

How sweet are they?

X x

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