Thursday, 28 June 2012

Providing Your Our Colour...

Just for a change our delightful British weather is quite frankly pants.

Big brown manky Y Fronts to be precise.

I was sure I needed to build an arc in order to get home from work this afternoon as one of car parks got well and truly flooded!

So in an attempt to brighten up my own day, (which in its self would be rather dull) I pulled out a colourful dress to make me feel better.

Nothing too special,  but enough to add a little brightness;

And I refused point blankly to add black tights;
(Although I did end up with dirt all up my legs due to the rain!)

Even though looking at the picture they really were needed.
(I mean those legs are far to lilly white!)

X x


  1. Fantastic dress, what a fabulously vibrant print and flattering shape on you. It has been awfully grim today but at least you looked good. x

  2. The weather has been amazing here. It's so strange!

    Such great colours in your dress. It really compliments your hair.


  3. Amazing bracelet.. I like this kind of dresses so much.. And you are charming with your dress.. And.... I like your shoes too.. ( Am I so jealous..:))
    Happy happy days...

    1. Thanks sweet and thanks for your lovely comment

      x x

  4. Wow. No rain so far down south!!

  5. YOu can't wear black tights in June - it is the law!
    Love the colourful stripes.

  6. What a striking dress! You look tres jolie! My legs are HIDEOUSLY pale but I don't care! Yours are much better than my ghost-legs!


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