Saturday, 5 March 2011

Turn that frown upside down!

After a some what hectic week I've decided to refocus on the things that gave made me mile rather than frown!

1) Pay day! Yipee!! Not that it lasts very long but never mind.

2) Coming home after a stressful course. Nothing beats seeing the faces of the people you love when your feeling low.
Once little 

Now a little more grown up, but still very much a daddys girl

3) Having a long chat on the phone with my mom and my eldest. My mom never fails to make me laugh, even when she's not trying and Kassie always makes you feel loved, bless her.

Xmas Day. Kassie trying to each mom how to play on the Wii

4) Walking through the door to a lovely meal, cooked for me by hubby without any moaning at all. Which considering he's cooked every night so far that's not bad going.

Romantic meal, oh how I'm spoilt!

5) Knowing that I have two whole days off!! To chill, have a lovely evening just hubby and I, plus enjoy the pleasure of the whole families company for a big roast on Sunday. Heavenly!

Just a few of the family that will join us for lunch.
Ashleigh (my youngest) my niece, mother in law, father in law, and two nephews.

So whats made you smile this week?

Cause as the saying goes,
Smile and the whole world smiles with you!
(or even, Smile it makes people wonder what you have been upto!)

X x x


  1. What lovely photos and a nice positive post. Have a lovely weekend. xxx

  2. Yay payday and yummy meals! Have a lovely weekend x

  3. Wow that food looks like something off Masterchef haha! My meals are always quantity over quality and so hastily done they're just a big pile of tasty mush on a plate!

  4. aww lovely photos

    Thanks for your comment on my blog.

    Yeah I have heard about those iron injections I so hope it does not come to that!

    That syrup stuff is just vile.

    I think its quite a common thing in women its just makes you feel so weepy and tired.


  5. I'm very lucky both hubby and I enjoy cooking lots.

    Tonight I made us marshmallows for pudding for tomorrow and today. They are lush. Must admit it was a boring tea of chicken fried rice but still very nice

    Hope you all have a fab weekend.

    X x x

  6. Hey brunette,

    Keep your chin up Hun! I'm sure you will start to feel better soon. On the plus side, a good old weep is good or you!

    X x


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