Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The beginning of Lent

Shrove Tuesday,

A yummy day of Pancakes!

The down side?

The beginning of Lent in which I give up somethings I love.


This year I shall be giving up, Chocolate, Sweets and Crisps.
However before I begin my 40 days of no good stuff we had a yummy meal.

A starter of Scallops, which I forgot to photograph, sorry. They were very yummy!

Followed by Mussels in white wine sauce and homemade chips.

And to finish it had to be srummy pancakes.
Plain with sugar and lemon for hubby,

And with strawberry sauce for me.

Other things that made me smile today have been a few charity shop find.

A purple bag for £2 to add to my purple craze.

A back leather belt for £1.50

And another silver bracelet 75p.

Along side these two books both cost a total of £1.

But the funniest thing was I brought the same book as my daughter showing great minds do think alike!

Hope you have had a good pancake day.

X x x



  1. You're giving up crisps? I think I'd die!!!!
    Lovely food there, Trayci and a most excellent charity shop haul, too. xxx

  2. What an amazing bag! Bargainnnnnn.

  3. You're giving up chcoclate, sweets AND crisps? Good luck you nutter!

  4. I know, I'm mad right!

    I try to do it each lent and have succeeded for the past few years, however I've a feeling this may be a very tough one! I do agree I am a nutter. Should be good for the waist though!

    X x x

  5. Hello there! Forgive a random comment! I've also given up sweets and crisps! I usually give up chocolate but I decided to do the others this year as I think crisps are more of a challenge. That said, may just add the chocolate! Nice pictures by the way!


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