Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Off to enjoy some "Good Clean Filth!"

What am I talking about you might wonder?
No it's not anything too naughty!

You see next weekend hubby and I are having a weekend away in London.
The highlight of the weekend will be:

Which we go to see on Saturday evening.
(Hence the title which is a quote from the guardian review of the show!)
I am soo excited.
I adore Burlesque!
Sensuous, provocative and spectacular.
And I fully intend to go to a day course that are run locally to me this year, in order to have a go at this art.
(Well you should try things once shouldn't you!)

The star of the show is stunning Polly Rae,

To make this a special  evening a new dress has been ordered,
(Even new undies! But don't tell anyone!)
Shoes have been customised by my eldest,
(Only just thought about long black gloves though! Vix I might be enlisting your help!)
Red lippy is ready,
However I need  your help,

How should I style my hair?

As you know it's fairly long and I would like to style it to fit the Burlesque theme.

Please help!

All advise would be welcome.

Other than the  show we shall be eating well, visiting far too many shops and museums and generally enjoying each others company.

I look forward to all your advise and shall of course take pictures of the hair and outfit.

X x x 


  1. How exciting! Feel free to ask, I have a wardrobe fit for any occasion. I'd go for a pincurled wave, side swept with a huge floral corage clipped behind the ear, to match the gorgeous frock you've no doubt got planned. xxx

  2. I have no advice to offer you but you are tipping the scales for me to check out a local burlesque show- a friend of mine is part of a troupe, and I kinda forget about it. Now you've reminded me- time to have some fun.


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