Thursday, 31 March 2011

Moms The Word

Just in case you have been living on another planet Sunday is Mothers Day.

But before I share my feelings on this here are the shoes of the day.

Years old George shoes

Pretty detailing on the heel

And also at the front.

Much squarer heels than I have now and a square front also
Very comfy shoes for my still heeling feet!

Now back to Mothers Day.

Many of you may not be a mom but may be pondering what to get your own, so I thought I would share a few of my top Mothers Day presents that I have received over the years from my lovely girls.

When they were little my favourite thing was always the homemade card.
Just knowing that they had spent time and effort creating something for me used to make my heart swell with love.

My favorite cards from my oldest daughter from over the years
(she's now 23!)

And my favourites off my youngest.
(shes now15!)

How sweet is this!
And as for gifts, well nothing beats a little creativity.

Gifts from a very tiny youngest daughter.

Gift from a very young eldest daughter

Art work from my youngest
All of them have pride of place still sat on my kitchen shelves!

And hanging on my wall is this;

Very small hand print from a five year old daughter.

A very fitting poem for that age too!
I can still remember the day she brought this home. So excited that she could get her hands soo messy and green! Bless and very eager to tell me that this was so special because she would never be this small again. Ever since it has hung on my wall and makes me smile when ever I look at it.

One of the nicest presents I had in resent years were these that I received for last mothers day;

All sketched by my youngest  

And her own idea to do.

I actually shed a tear when she gave them to me.
Especially when I saw the hand print and the note that accompanies it;

So when you think of what to get your mom this Sunday remember that the best thing and most precious thing in the entire world to them is you!

So my advice?

Write them a letter telling them how much they mean, note down memories that make you smile after all these years but above all give them your time, love and hugs.

So a little early I know,

Happy Mothers Day in advance.

X x 


  1. Hi my dear-what a lovely post, very sentimental and wishing you a Happy Mothers Day on Sunday x

  2. What sweet and lovely gifts.
    It's the first Mother's Day since my mum passed away so I'm glad to be away from it all. xxx

  3. Lovely gifts you got for Mother's Day. You gave me a fright when you said MD is next week. Ours is in May ;-)

  4. Vix I'm sorry tohear that but I am sure she is very much with you in spirit. Enjoy your holidays, I'm green with envy!

    Joyful sorry if I stressed you out! Sounds like you have plenty of time to plan the perfect gift.

    X x

  5. It is going to be hard to figure out a gift this year. Mom moved into a nursing home and she really has enough things there already. I may buy her a summer skirt which she needs. Or perhaps a summery dress. xx

  6. Oh bless, haven't you got lovely daughters? The last poem brought a tear to my eye.


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