Thursday, 24 March 2011

Oh What A Bargain!

We all love a bargain and today was a day that I enjoyed a few!

But before I share my bargains here are my shoes for the day.

Firstly my work shoes,

Shoes from Red Herring Debenhams.

Purchased last year some time.
And my play shoes were these;

Primark wedges.

Around two years or so old if not more!
Now back to those bargains.

You know what I am like for my bangles, well today I claimed not one, not two but three new ones.

Two from Wallis,

Silver bangle reduced from £8.50 to £3
Stone bangle reduced from £12.50 to £3
And one from Miss Selfridges

Reduced from £12.50 to £2
I also had two Primark belts;

Both reduced from £2to 50p
What a great day!

If  only everything we brought could be those kind of prices!

So what bargains have landed in you lap of late?


  1. Oh, those bangles are gorgeous! I don't need any more jewellery so I hope I don't get tempted into Wallis on my way to the Sally Army tomorrow or I'll have to blame you.
    Bargains? Me? Never! xxx

  2. oh gosh those bangles are beautiful!

  3. Hi there-your bangles were gorgeous bargains indeed, I'm behind with bargains, I need to get going at the booties this weekend xx

  4. Ooh I love both pairs of shoes today!

    I haven't really been shopping much this month so not many bargains to report. It's payday tomorrow though, woop!

  5. The wedges are super cute! I've only just got into the wedge - like I need another shoe passion...

  6. Alex bet you've managed to find a few bargains you've been paid.

    Vix you are the queen of bargains. Wish I wash half as good at it as you.

    Sharon again you are fab a finding a deal. That's a fab talent to have.

    Daisychain you always look georgeous.

    Lara I'm hoping you are a shoe crazy a I am?!

    X x


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