Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Forward thinking!

I like to try wherever possible to forward plan.
Birthdays, events holidays and so forth.

So as the next big event is mothers day I just happened to fall into a Past Times store and buy a lovely cushion which sums my mother up to a tea!

Not a truer statement!

And of course I couldn't leave out the dads in the family, even though it's a long way off Fathers day!

The book is for the father-in-law, I am sure he will see the funny side!

And for both hubby, from the kids obviously and again father-in-law,

It contains two of my hubby's favourite things!

Of course his most favourite thing is ME!
Well it better be!

So what forward planning have you done?

X x x


  1. I'm hopeless at forward planning! I always leave everything to the last minute, must do better! xxx

  2. that is good forward thinking, im terrible for planning things, its always left to the last minute. no idea what im going to do for mothers day, not even sure when it is exactly... oops!!

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  3. ooh that cushion would be perfect for my mum, too!

  4. Hi my dear-lovely picks here, very thoughtful indeed! I'm arranging a trip for the day on the Orient Express to celebrate my mums 75th this year, apart from that I'll be taking things as they come, lol!!

  5. Oh you're so organised! I've bought a card but can't decide what to do a present - she loves flowers so I wanted to order a bouquet with some vouchers I have but we go away on the Saturday so I don't think that's an option now :(


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