Tuesday, 29 March 2011

You Try, You Buy!

(By now you know the drill)
Before the post comes the shoes of the day;

Shoes - New Look

Again a year old and have been seen on the blog before.
Thick tights to diguise the blister plasters!

Now back to:

"You Try, You Buy!"

Question 1
Do you end up buying everything you try on?

Question 2
Are you a must but it right now?

Question 3
Or do you walk away until you are convinced that's the item you want?

Question 4
Or are you a buy, retry, regret and take backer?

I would say that I am more a number 3 nowadays but can still be a number 4 on occasion.

Everything I buy I try to envision in my wardrobe amongst my mix and match attire.

That wasn't always the case, I would have a new outfit for every occasion, the pub, meal,shopping. Crazy but true! Now I have realised the bank balance will not allow it, even for my shoe habbit1 (Darn it!) But I have bills to pay and they must take priority.

What I do enjoy though is window shopping. Getting ideas as to what goes together and what is on trend. Then I can use what I have already in my wardrobe and with a bit of luck recreate them.
Saves a few pennies I can tell you!

I still have my wish list, as many of you do and here are a few items I have been lusting after;

Dorothy Perkins Shrug

I can see this teaming lovely with my skinning jeans and a plain vest top.

ASOS powertrip suede toe and perspex heel shoe
Need I have a reason? They are lush.

River Island denim skirt
If only I could sew! I'm sure this would be fairly easy to make.
So please, share with me your shopping habits the perhaps I won't feel quite so bad!

X x


  1. That river island skirt is very cute - I wish I could sew too.

  2. Hmm I am part of all 4 questions depending on the item. I do buy and regret and take back and sometimes I don't buy I regret and its sold out! lol

    Love those New Look shoes BTW x

  3. Hi my dear!! Thats the beauty for me of charity shopping and boot sales, I can buy what I like and still have change from a fiver or tenner, lol!! I rarely do high street shopping,I prefer a good rummage for pennies xxx

  4. Helen - I really need to learn to sew too.

    Sharon - I am getting much better and have found ome fantastic finds in local charity shops. Still not quite up to your standard yet mind.

    X x

  5. I think I am a number 3 but sometimes fall into number 4 ;-)

  6. Love the shoe with the glassy heel reminds me so much of prada


  7. Sorry about the blisters- hope your feet heel up real soon!
    Since I thrift shop more than I shop for new clothes you kinda have to think on your feet while shopping. So I throw in my cart and then get cut-throat and weed out before check out.

    But those pumps on your wishlist- I would buy in a heart beat.
    the Citizen Rosebud

    The blister pics are a lot like mine after a jaunt in heels!
    Great blog!

  9. All 4? I'll try on most things in store, except for stuff like vest tops and jeans from shops where I know they'll always fit. I do retry them on at home though and if I'm not happy then they go back - can't stand the guilt of having something in my wardrobe that I never wear! I tend to buy things when I see them as long as I know I can afford them and actually need them. If it's a bigger or more frivolous purchase then I'll often go away and have a think about it.

  10. I'm definitely a mixture! I often regret that things I really liked are not there when I go back! But sometimes I buy impulsively and regret. But regardless of which one I am, I still have still far tooooo many clothes!!!!!

  11. Thanks for all the comments. They make me feel much better about my own shopping habits!

    I do try toget as much from charity shops but just can't resist the odd new lovely item.

    X x

  12. Aww, those last shoes !
    I love them ♥

    ...OH MY VOGUE!


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