Wednesday, 23 March 2011

My name is Trayci and I am an addict!

Thought that might grab your attention!

Don't panic I'm not a stoner, into drugs.

Nor am I an alcoholic, mind you I do like an odd glass of wine but not bottles at a time!

My addiction?


I'm sure I have mentioned it once or twice before, but they truly are an addiction.
The shoe ban is still on, although strangely pairs appear on the odd occasion! (Shh don't tell anyone!)
But now I have been ordered to clear out my collection as it is taking over our box room!

Here's the evidence!

I did have to retidy to take the photo!

They were all over the place!

Lets hope the room gets sorted soon.
I'm kind of thinking a dressing room for Ashleigh and I, but not sure how to get hubby to agree!

So in true blogger style I shall commit to wearing all of my shoes at least once.
(Weather permitting of course! Even I wouldn't go out in flip flops in our rubbish weather! Mind you it is nice and sunny today.)

Whatever I don't wear or haven't in the past few months will be finding their way onto eBay in order to be changed into cash to buy more! (Well recycling surely doesn't count does it?)

So I shall kick off with today's pair.

For work I am wearing one of my 11 pairs of boots. (this includes high boots, ankle boots, flat boots, heeled boots! Mind you I forgot to add in my ugg boots and my walking boots!)

River Island boots

Gift from my hubby last year.
As I am off to meet up with my sister for a bite to eat I shall be changing into these;

Next sandals

Purchased in the sale last year for our holidays

So two down only 90+ to go!

Whats your vice?
Are you a shoe-aholic like me?
Or is it more clothes or bags?
Let me know.

Much love
X x

Ps. If you do ge chance to give me any advise with regards to my hair do for the weekend (see post below)I really would appreciate it.


  1. I LOVE the second pair so much!

  2. Very naughty, Trayci! I don't think you can count walking boots, sensible shoes don't matter! I think you really do need to wear a different pair a day. xxx

  3. I am a addict as well I have a different pair of shoes for everyday of the week for work and the girls at work tell me I am terrible. But you have over 90 pairs I am so jealous.

  4. Books! The book buying ban this month has been horribly hard for me. Shoes probably come a close second but I think I'm a lot more restrained than I used to be - I tend to buy from ebay or in the sales rather than grabbing expensive new ones when they catch my eye.

  5. Hi there-great boots, I do love boots and jackets and bags, lol! xx

  6. I'm in love with shoes, bags and jewellery. I love the idea of wearing every pair as I do tend to stick to the same few pairs! I've never counted how many pairs I have it total though...
    You should join the Shoeperwoman challenge!

  7. I have so many vices but at the moment it's fabric! I'm buying it much faster than I can sew it! But it does look lovely all folded and stacked...

  8. Ah, you'll know from my blog that I'm a shoe gal too! Thank goodness for staff discount!

  9. Lucky you Lara. Mind you I'd neve have any wages left!

    X x

  10. Books, dresses and cardies definitely!


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