Tuesday, 5 April 2011

April showers bring out the sparkles in me.

Well what a horrid day.

I don't know what it has been like where you are but in the Midlands it's been wet and horrid. However in my world nothing stays misserable for too long.

My outfit today was inspired by the lovely Helen at Lace and Coffee when she wrote about sequins yesterday and how they should not just be worn for parties or special occasions. 

Well I, like most can't resist a bit of sparkle, must have been a magpie in a former life! 
I didn't feel that I could quite get away with my party dresses but did find something that fitted the bill perfectly.

 So on a wet Tuesday I added sparkles to brightened up a very dull day!

Gifted shirt from New Look,
Skinny jeans from ASOS

Sparkles added through a waistcoat from Miss selfridge

Of course I have to show the shoes:

Shoes from Dorothy Perkins

Velvet fronts to them.

They are lovely shoes even if a little high.

The only walking for today will involve a stroll around Merry Hill to look for a work dress to do a presentation to the board in on Thursday. (Gulp!)

Other than that a day of admin and prep so fairly chilled.
Oh and learning my part of the presentation!

Tomorrow sees me away for the night which as you know I don't like but needs be.
This time I am staying in a different hotel, wonder what goodies they will have?

X x


  1. there is some serious shoe envy going on here!

  2. Hi there!! A lovely chic and inspirational outfit, I love the sequin waistcoat and your shoes are gorgeous xx

  3. You always think up such great and different outfits. Look great x

  4. Totally agree that what you wear can brighten your day.
    I do love a sequin... I have some great t shirt with blocks of sequins on the fronts that I wear casually with jeans - in fact it was mt favourite look of last summer.

  5. I agree, I can't resist sparkly things!

    Took us six hours in total on Scafell at the weekend, that was taking a longer route than the 3 peaks though - apparently we covered the distance of Ben Nevis but not the ascent obviously. Yeah it was really wet there too - the paths were like streams a lot of the time, I need to get me some sexy gaiters!


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