Sunday, 17 April 2011

The day after a mountain climb! The adventures of the troublesome three.

Yesterday we climbed the highest mountain in England.

Scarfell Pike

It stands at 978 meters high.

The "We" being hubby, nephew and I.

Not the most local of mountains to us it has to be said and in order to get there it involved a long three hour drive. Luckily the weather was lovely and the motorways were empty. (added bonus!)

I adore the lake district. It's scenery is breathtaking and beautiful.
In fact we nearly moved there may years ago for work.

The first glance we got of the dreaded mountain was as we drove round the twisty lanes.

All the photos were taken with my phone so please excuse the quality

It looked beautiful

It appeared to be huge, as the reflection of the mountain was never ending within the calm lake below.
A beautiful yet daunting sight.

But huge!

Very breathtaking

Our trial climb began at Wasdale Head. A longer drive to get to to but worth it as it was a sorter climb, which when you consider the challenge of three mountains in 24 hours is what you want.

Stunning views.

The weather was beautiful and the troublesome three began we a happy step.
But what a climb!

Hard work under foot

Rough and ragged, a steep assent that never gives up, but one that if you catch it on the correct day with give you the most beautiful views.

A pretty sight

That second person is me! It was at that point shorts and tshirt weather

We were not so lucky on our assent. Whist it was warm it didn't take long for the mist and fog to block  our view.

Thats me struggling to climb with my dodgy knee!

After a two and a half hour climb we reached the top, which was very cold!

Excuse the state I look, after all I had just climbed a mountain!

A ten minute lunch break and back down we went.

Yes I was texting! I had to let my youngest know that I had reached the top!

This was the part of the climb I had been dreading.

I have a very weak right knee and even after masses of exercises and tablets I knew this would be incredibly painful. I truly hadn't imagined correctly because it was agony!

And with the mist still lurking at the top it made visibility sparse, more than a few times I couldn't see hubby and it gave me a huge sense of panic until I got sight of them again.

That was whilst the visibility was good

Half way down the weather had by this time began to give us a break and allow us to take in some of the fantastic scenery.

The white coat at the very back is me

Finally near the end

After 4hours and 20 minutes I reached the bottom and can now say with pride that I have climbed the highest mountain in Britain.

Crossing the river. The woman behind looks even more fed up than me!

Yes I wanted to cry with pain, no I didn't and as always I said;

 "No more mountains!"

A famous phase for my hubby to hear!

But you know what even though I moaned for Britain and told him to yomp off because I knew he wanted to get a fast time in, at no point did he leave me on the last part of the decent. He was so proud that through the pain I did it.

My reward?

No not shoes!

But a big bag of pie and chips and a bottle of wine!

After the three hour journey home of course.

A long day and one that I wouldn't want to do again in a hurry but a memory worth keeping.

And after all that's what life is all about!

X x


  1. WELL DONE!!! I've been told that Scafell is the hardest of the three even if it's not the tallest so I'm trying to take solace from that because I couldn't walk for two days after I did it the other week! You got some lovely atmospheric shots in the mist :)

  2. Thanks Lucy.

    I have to say I think it was the hardest so far as it never let up.

    And the most boring too. I'm sure the mist didn't help though.

    I didn't ache at all, so thats got to be a good sign I'm sure. Just my blasted knee!

    I do wonder what we have let ourselves in for!

    Much love

    X x


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