Saturday, 30 April 2011

Fairytales do come true

Wow what a day yesterday was!

The biggest event of the year went without a hitch and I enjoyed every moment of it. 

We arrived at Warrick Castle at 10am with our picnic and bubbly, picked our spot, layed out picnic blankets and settled down for the next few hours. 

They had a massive screen to watch all the footage and balloons, flags and even crowns being handed out curtsy of heart fm. It's been a long time since I've seen so many people celebrating such an event. We all sang to the hymns, stood to sing the national anthem and cheered the "I do". Of course the bubbly was opened too.

Later we explored the grounds. Enjoying the peacock garden as they displayed their feathers for us.

Found hidden treasures.

Were taught how to fight with our weapons! (keep it clean folks!)

Even the toilets made us smile!

Enjoyed the great halls.

Ate yummy ice creams and waffles.
(whilst pulling silly faces)

And even ventured into the dungeons.

What a great experience that was. We screamed like little girls and giggled as a poor guy called Dave kept getting picked on to be tortured!

I even got put in the dock! 
My crime? 
Being from the West Midlands! 
What cheek!

It truly was a fantastic day, one that I enjoyed with my little princesses and my daughters friend.

I hope your day was one that you will treasure the memory of too.

X x


  1. I wish I'd have gone to an event like this to celebrate, sounds like a great time. I still enjoyed watching the wedding, got all teary and cheered for the kisses.

  2. What a fanatstic setting to watch yeaterdays' events in. I love those peacocks. xxx

  3. This looked like fun! Not overly crowded or anything!

  4. Hi my dear-sounds like your familys day was awesome and will be so memorable for a lot of reasons too!! xx

  5. Looks like you had such a fab day.

    I must admit I did watch the wedding and Kate looked stunning I loved her dress xx

  6. Oh wow, what a fantastic place to watch it in! The atmosphere must have been amazing. Love all your photos too, especially those gorgeous ones of the peacocks.

    Does Warwick Castle still smell disgusting? I think they'd taken the historic recreation a bit too far last time I went - I remember having to make a dash for fresh air because the smell was making me feel so sick!


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