Monday, 18 April 2011

That dreaded Monday morning feeling!

Yes it's here again;

The dreaded Monday morning!

Surely weekends should be at least 3 days long, don't you agree?

Well after a long and hard Saturday I felt strangely human on Sunday.
No aches or pains, well other than a sore knee!
Hubby went off to climb the Wrekin, I however declined as I felt it would cause more harm than good to my dodgy knee.

As the weather was yet again lovely we had,
"A Pimms BBQ"
Instead of a Sunday roast which was a huge success.

Sundays have always been a real family day with up to 12 of us sitting together and catching up with what the week has brought.
And it's fair to say I love them and yesterday was no exception.

With 9 of us to feed we had a feast of salad, rice, cous cous, sausages, burgers, baps, belly strips, chops and chicken drumstick with copious amounts of sauces and pickles.
For pudding home made meringues, strawberries, cream and fruit salad.
Pimms and beer were also flowing, along with squash of course.

I think I now have enough food to last us until at least Thursday, I just need to get creative with the left overs.
Strange how there is never any pudding left!!

As it was a chilled day the attire had to reflect that.

Shorts are a hand me down from my youngest!

Excuse the pasty white legs!
These shorts are so comfy and as I was with family I didn't mind flashing my white legs.

As for the shoes;

Lee Cooper pumps

So very comfy.

I know I have kind of dropped of the wagon with reference to my shoes, however I have just rinsed and repeated over the fast week or so.

That said I shall bring you up to speed with the pairs you have not seen.

Walking shoes
These trusty pair of walking shoes are as comfortably as an old pair of slippers and have seen many walks including the walk across the Malverns recently.

Leather walking boots
They have climbed Snowdon twice and now Scarfell Pike too!
As well as masses more!

Hardly fashionable though are they?

Sling backs - gifted.

Chunky heel so very comfy.
Not shoes I would have purchased myself but they are comfy to wear.

Bright red patent shoes.

From Barrett's and years old.
I don't wear flat shoes very often but I adore the detail on the front of these.

As for today well its a "rinse and repeat day" I'm afraid but I shall try harder tomorrow.

Hope your Monday has gone well and that Monday feeling has well and truly passed.

Until tomorrow.

X x


  1. Hi my dear-those shorts are fabulous on you and it sounds like a yummy Sunday too xx

  2. I LOVE flats lol

    omg if weekends were 3 days do you think they'd start making people go to school or work on weekends.

  3. I had quite a nice Monday but then I am thoroughly confused by the days of the week at the moment - I thought it was Sunday when I woke up this morning and everyone in work was convinced it was Tuesday for some weird reason! I doubt we'll all get back to normal until May. All these Bank Holidays are playing havoc with my internal calendar!

  4. Those red flats are lov-er-ly!
    I hated Monday this week. I fell down the stairs! *weep*

  5. Oh hun I do hope your Tuesday has been better. Sorry to hear about your fall.

    X x


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