Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A carpet of Blue Bells

What a lovely weekend it has been.

Not only was it an extra long weekend (whats not to love?) but the weather has been beautiful!

We have had a few adventures over the past few days so I thought I might share a few pictures. 

Our first adventure saw us completing another 6 mile walk across the Malvern's.

It was such a lovely day, with such beautiful views.

I adore the carved signs you pass along the way.

But the best sight of all was the carpet of blue bells.

It was like s river running down the side of the hill.

Excuse the outfit!

Even the cows were enjoying themselves.

British  camp looked stunning.

I always adore this cute bench that you pass as you finish the walk.

Even as we drove away the blue bells waved us goodbye.

A lovely walk that lifted the spirits.

X x


  1. I love the sight of all those bluebells.

  2. The bluebells look so pretty, such vivid colours.


  3. That is a lovely walk. The bluebells are amazing. I've never seen such a sight.

  4. Lovely photos I think bluebells are so pretty xx

  5. Hi there-what wonderful scenery and lovely photos too xxx

  6. They're gorgeous, I haven't seen any bluebells this year. Plaques on benches always make me cry!


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