Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Kreativ Blogger Award

I have been awarded the Kreativ Blogger award by Lisa Jane at The Brunette Diaries

Thank you hun.

The rules are;
Write 10 facts about yourself
Award 10 blogs and tell them about the award
(I haven't passed it on to be honest, I'll just say please feel free to do it if you want.)

Fact 1;

I adore shoes! No real suprise but an issue for my hubby.

Fact 2;

I have a very sweet tooth. I adore sweets and chocolates and crisps too.
In fact all the things I gave up for lent. Roll on easter.

Fact 3;

I am one of the few people, if not the only person I know who loves their job.
Does that make me lucky or strange?

Fact 4;

I live in a house of techno geeks.
Apple rules in our house!

Fact 5;

I am a control freak.
I hate not being able to control what is happening or feeling out of the loop.


If I had one wish I would wish for happiness, health and wealth.
I know money does not make you happy but it does makes life an easier ride.

Fact 7;

I have another man in my life.
My daughters cat Whiskas, hubby hates him, I love him.

Fact 8;

I haven't shared the fact I blog with any co workers etc.
It is my space of contemplation and unadulterated honesty.

Fact 9;

The only regret I have in my life is cancelling our wedding (due to lack of funding) for a year and my father passing away before he could see me settled.

Fact 10;

My biggest achievement in my life has got to be my lovely girls.
Whilst they are not perfect I am so proud if the adults they are becoming and know they will bring me years of pleasure.

Hope you found it slightly interesting.

X x 


  1. I love my job too! I don't think there are many of us out there though.

  2. Hi my dear-a lovely post, great to know these facts about you too! I share fact 8, I haven't told my fellow workers about my blog either, I like to keep the two separate!! Well done on the award!! xx

  3. No I haven't told anyone in 'real' life about my blog - don't know why because I still post pics of the things I've made on Facebook etc - silly really! Sorry to hear that your Dad passed away before you got married, but I'm sure he was with you all day x

  4. I love shoes too. Ha, what a surprise. Your cat, Whiskas, is so pretty. Thanks for sharing!


  5. oh i LOVE getting to know you - i love all ur "lil" facts - ur a lot like me!


  6. CONGRATS on the award.
    So sad about your Dad.
    I haven't told anyone (except my boyfriend) about my blog too. I like it to something for just me.

  7. Oh I love your cat! He looks like a male version of my old cat, much-missed Sophie!

  8. Congrats on the award! :)

    Your cat is a cutie, and I totally get what you are coming from. My BF dislikes my kitty too!

    The Cat Hag

  9. Your welcome.

    Love your cat he is cute.

    Thats so sad about your wedding date being cancelled I love that photo of you and your fella, You are sooooo slim.

    Your daughters look fun too xx

  10. Sorry I meant to say on my other comment that your 2 daugthers look nothing alike too its funny how that happens

    You are lucky you love your job too I so wish I was in that position


  11. Hey, just to say good luck on Scafell tomorrow! We went up from Seathwaite, it's 10 miles and took us 6 hours - was hard going, but that's not the way you do the Three Peaks so I felt slightly better! I'm going up Walla Crag from Keswick tomorrow - not very high or far but my friend reckons she's really unfit! Look forward to hearing how you got on x


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