Friday, 1 April 2011

Blue Suede shoes And weekly Blues!

Not only do you get shoes of the day but an out fit too!

Jumper and TShirt - Pull and Bear
Trousers - H&M

Slightly casual but seeing as I had a very casual planning meeting it fitted the bill just fine.

Excuse the flat hair, it was the end of the day these photos were taken!

As for the shoes, well Elvis would have been proud!

Shoes - New Look
I adore the colour and the button details.

As for Weekly Lows;

Still missing my mom, especially as mothers day looms,
Sore feet, you know the reasons why;
And knowing its a five week month till the next pay day!

Weekly Highs;

A great weekend in London with hubby,.
Seeing the fabulous Hurly Burly show,
Having excellent feedback from the training sessions I have taken,
And knowing I have expenses coming my way, wonder if that means I could have more shoes?
Probably pushing it really!

How's your week been?

Good I hope.

X x  


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Love and lipstick.
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