Thursday, 7 April 2011

The end of a course but not the end of the friendships.

Usually I am happy when a course finishes, you get that sense of achievement and begin looking for the next challenge.

I don't actually feel that today.

Yes It's great to know we have delivered what was needed.
Explained to the board why they were right to invest all those thousands of pounds in us, the leaders of the future.
But I shall be sad to not see the other 13 people as often as we do now.
I shall of course be seeing more of some, they will be friends for many years I hope.

So it was fitting that last night as we all met at the hotel for dinner we were able to have a go at segway racing!

Our last team challenge so to speak.

It was completely out of the blue and so much fun.

It made me giggle even more that I had to take off my heels to be able to do it!
(I felt to short)

Pictures to follow when I receive them.
After that fun we sat reminiscing about our adventures over dinner when in walks Tony Robinson!

I had to text hubby and let him know I was eating in the same restaurant as Baldrick from blackadder.

My youngest hadn't a clue who I meant, so for her I had to explain he was the fella from Time team, bless.  

And as for today's presentation?

Well it went fantastically well.

In fact I really enjoyed what should have been a very stressful experience.

The end of a course?.

Well yes, but the beginning of a new chapter.

X x


  1. ♥I Love your blog♥

  2. How funny to be eating when 'Baldrick' walked in. I wonder if he ordered a turnip? LOL!

  3. Thanks for your comments thats funny that we have the same dress! I am 5ft 3in and its short on me but I am going to wear with leggings!


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