Thursday, 28 April 2011

Domestic Goddess, However did they know!

The normal post I recieve is bills, bills and more bills!

But today this arrived on my doorstep,

A very cute and accurate statement.

All in aid of breast cancer care.

Strawberry Tea 2011 Header final

A great cause and this is whats it's for;

A Strawberry Tea is a sweet idea for summer. You invite your friends, family or colleagues to a tea party, picnic, or other occasion where you all get to enjoy delicious treats, and in return they make a donation to Breast Cancer Care.
It can be as simple or grand as you want. You could pop a packet of fancy biscuits on a plate at work or open your garden up to an afternoon party of home baked cakes, fun games and a raffle. It’s all for a good cause – helping us support the 50,000 people who are diagnosed with breast cancer every year.


caller in confidence about any questions or worries they
may have, for as long as they need, about breast health
or breast cancer.
pays for our expert Helpline team to talk with a


cancer with a trained volunteer who has had a similar
experience to them. We know how much reassurance
and encouragement people can get from talking to someone
who has been there, so we take care to find the best match
we can for each individual.
pays to connect someone going through breast


health workshops in their community. We give them the skills
and confidence to promote breast awareness, covering
signs, symptoms and risks and promoting the importance
of early detection and breast screening.
pays for us to train a health worker to run breast

So don your pinnys and get baking.

What better reason to enjoy cake?

Oh and don't forget my invite!

X x

Below are just a few examples of what
your money can do:


  1. What a great and tasty way to raise some money for Breast Cancer care.

  2. Great idea for a great cause....

  3. Hi there-a really fabulous idea for raising money for this cause xx

  4. That's such a lovely idea - I'm all for having fun at charity events.


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