Saturday, 16 April 2011

Tired, emotional and a little tipsy!

It's been  a long week.

And today has been the longest of all!

I have completed the second of the mountains and am shattered.

5am start, 6 hour drive round trip, 4hr 20 walk.

Well climb actually.

Now I have a throbbing knee.

After pie and chips and a bottle of wine I am a little tipsy and full to the brim.

I'm just going to just close my eyes a little!

X x


  1. Well done to you have a nice evening x

  2. Hi there-have a well deserved rest and congratulations too xx

  3. sounds like a long week, hope you manage to relax this weekend =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  4. 4:20 is bloody good going! WHich way did you go up? Hope you're not too stiff in the morning, enjoy your well-deserved vino x

  5. Oh wow, that's seriously impressive! Enjoy that wine missus, you definitely deserve it!


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