Monday, 25 April 2011

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

It's yet again the start to another week.
Where did last week go?
Where does the time go?

So as usual I thought I would share my overview of the week that was.

The Good

* Climbing the highest mountain in England.

* Of course the glorious sunshine.

* An extra day off or two! Whats not to love.

The Bad

* Having to go to work during this glorious sunshine.


* Still another week till pay day!

* Climbing the highest mountain in England.
(Yes it can appear on both lists)

* Oh and starting a diet!

The Ugly

* News that my sister in law is ill in hospital.

* Due to that news my mom is not coming back home as planned.

* Realising my car needs new tyres, an MOT and Tax! (bummer)

Heres to this week.
And the best part?


X x


  1. Pay day and another bank holiday! Makes going back to work tomorrow bearable!

  2. I've already been paid! It's burning a hole in my purse - I am trying desperately to be good and not fritter it all away but I just want to spend it all.

  3. Yeah I am looking forward to pay day xx

  4. This is a good post idea. Congrats for the mountain climbing, I can imagine that was very hard work but yeah for the sun and Easter-ness. I do wish months were shorter than 30/31 days so pay day wouldn't take so long to come around, there are shoes I want to buy!!!! I hope your sister in law is ok too

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  5. Well done on Scafell (wasn't it Scafell Pike?) I climbed a more moderate peak in the lakes last week - I don't they'd trust me not to trip over on Scarfell yet! Great achievement!

  6. Yes Kezzie, it was Scarfell Pike. It's all training for three peaks.

    X x


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