Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Clearing out the clutter.

What is it with clutter?

It never ever seems to stay away and for the life of me I never know why.

I have currently three bags of clutter that has been messing up my garage for the past few months.

Hubby would just throw it all away but me I see £ signs and am going to list it all on eBay.

I know that not all of it will sell but I shall try and what ever I make can go towards birthday and Christmas presents that I buy across the year.
It's better sitting in my paypal account than sitting in the local tip!

Question for you;

How do you make money from eBay?

Is it clearing clutter?
Is it buying at jumble sales or car boots then selling on?

I think it could be a good way to help create a few extra pennies for the holiday fund maybe, so I would love to hear your money making ideas.

Mind you it is much easier to save money than make money!

What have I been wearing today?
Here's today's get up;

Obviously not positioned the tripod correctly as I lost my feet!

Dress - River Island
Belt - Primark
It's always hard to seem a little summery when you have to wear black hence adding a splash of red.

As for the shoes;

Cheap Primark shoes adapted by my lovely daughter to look very similar to my KG shoes.

High heels indeed.

I love bows!
These shoes were the ones my daughter adapted for me to wear to the Hurley Burely Show.

I love them.

I hope you have enjoyed the sun shine and not been stuck in a training room like me all day!

Roll on the long weekend.

X x


  1. Ah clutter, I know it well. For me it is all of those things I no longer use or don't have a home for so I put it all in one place to sort out later... invariably I will chuck it all in a charity bag one day and will never give it a second thought... I wish I did have the time and patience for ebay but alas I do not, so Cancer Research gets the benefit of it all, which is highly preferable to the tip.
    Love the shoes btw x

  2. I don't sell on Ebay either, I just give anything I no longer use to charity shops. There's nothing that expensive anyway I don't think I'd make much selling it.

  3. The more I clear out, the more clutter I find!

  4. I send all my clutter to the charity shop otherwise I have to keep it and wait for it to sell. I don't want to keep it around when I'm trying to get rid of it and it likely won't sell anyway. Lately I've started giving it for free to locals on freecycle.


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