Sunday, 24 April 2011

Let Them Eat Chocolate!

Happy Easter everyone.

Hope that the eater bunny has left you lots of scrummy chocolate and goodies.

Today marks the end of Lent and once again you are allowed to eat all the things you have been craving for 40 days.

In our house Easter is a big deal.

Everyone gets gifts. Although this year it's not been as extravagant as previous years.

My two have money and a chocolate bar.
(The money is being spent on Mac make up, my how times have changed. Lol.)

Hubby gets some sweets.

All the nephews and nieces get chocolates as do the inlaws.

The best part has to be the family get together.

Great food, great wine and great company.

The only thing missing for me is my mom, who is still at my brothers.

Our Easter Sunday began at silly o'clock as we were up at 4am to meet a group of friends for a walk up the Wrekin.

Why so early?

Well to get us adjusted to walking in the dark, as on the Three Peaks we have to begin climbing Scarfell Pike in the dark.

And what better day to watch the sunrise than Easter morning.


Next was church followed by a good few hours of family company.

The outfit to do so was this;

Dress - ASOS
I brought this dress last year in the sale for my holiday as I loved the strap detail.

Excuse the lopsided boob effect!
And being yellow it was the perfect choice.
(Even if a little short)

Jewellery is simple.

And shoes comfy.

Shoes - Primark last year

Enjoy your Easter Day.

But try not to make yourself sick!
X x


  1. You have amazing legs!

    Enjoy your day. I'm off to the parentals with the boys. Hubby is still in bed with flu.


  2. Wishing you a wonderful Easter x

  3. Hope you have a lovely Easter!
    I love the dress, such a lovely summery colour!

  4. What a pretty dress, Trayci! xxx

  5. Hi my dear-you look lovely, so pleased you had a wonderful Easter too xx

  6. Really beautiful dress, hope you had a very happy Easter.

  7. Oh that dress is gorgeous - love the strap details.

    Did your walk go well?


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