Friday, 27 May 2011

Big Bird

Falconry has always amazed me.

The link between the bird and its handler is fascinating to see.

And one thing that Ashleigh has always enjoyed whist at Centre Parcs has been the falconry session.
I would recommend it to any family as it works out as great value due to you all being able to watch.

The first time she did this she was much smaller,

And the birds all appeared much larger!

That said I think she had as much enjoyment out of it as she did back then.

As you can see smiles were the order of the day with everyone enjoying themselves.

It definitely took me back a few years!

X x


  1. What a fabulous treat, I do love falconry displays. xxx

  2. I'd love to hold an Eagle Owl, must put it on my things to do list!

  3. We're having a birds display at work later in the summer and the guy rocked up with them for a demo a few months ago. It was quite the shock to arrive at work and have a teeny owl plonked on my arm!


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