Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Smart Casual To A Tea!

The trouble with having to be smart casual is what the hell do you wear?!

Well Wednesday last week saw me pull this together;

Hand me up top and skirt from my eldest

Sandals - eBay bargain.

And if I say so myself I was quite pleased!

The only thing I added later was a bright belt.

X x


  1. haha we stayed in quite a posh hote last month and were told the dinner was 'smart casual' dress we were like 'WHAT'S THAT!?' haha you look like you got it covered though!

  2. Smart casual is such a contradiction, it reminds me of dodgy blokes who wear shiny shoes and a blazer with jeans.
    You done well, loving those sandals so much. x

  3. Smart casual is a bizarre concept, isn't it? I don't know any two people that have the same definition of it. You look great though. Love the way the material folds and drapes in both the skirt and top.


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