Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Away From Home Again!

Yep I'm off for a two day meeting which once again means staying away from home.


I hate it.

Yes I get to stay in a nice hotel and yes I get to eat lovely food.

But what I don't get is to snuggle up with my hubby after a hard day and that's my favourite bit.

Never mind.

As it is a full meeting with lot's of people I haven't met before so I will need to give some consideration to my outfit. Plus still making it corporate!

That may take some time!

And tonight I shall once again be staying at Clumber Park.

With a bit of luck they may have some more segway racing on!
X x


  1. aww enjoy your stay although you will be working xx

  2. I'd love to try Segway racing!Absence makes the heart grow fonder so a sweet reunion when you get back home, no doubt! x

  3. Hi my dear-hope you have a good time though xxx


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