Tuesday, 19 July 2011

WARNING! Sunglasses may be required...

I love shiny things - FACT.

I must have been a magpie in a former life as I am draw to anything shiny. For this I  blame my mother, as whilst I was growing up she always attended flash dinner dances in the most gorgeous sequined dresses and the highest of heels!

And why waste a day by being boring and dull is my moto.
(a very good one in my book!)

So when the weather turned dull and incredibly wet, (Of which Sunday was both.) I decided to brighten it back up.

Out came the sequins!
(Who said they should only be worn for nights out!)

Full on disco diva!

Told you needed sun glasses!

A bit over the top?
Well the day did need a little brightening, in my humble opinion.

I love this top.
It was an eBay purchase which my family stated as "very me!"


And of course no outfit is complete with out the shiny shoes to match..

A touch of glamour to a pair of jeans.

Just call me twinkle toes!
Shiny and high heels all rolled into one.

All Sunday my hubby insisted on playing 80's music to match my outfit.
(Much to Ashleigh's disgust!)

Who said Sundays were boring?!
X x


  1. Fabulous top and shoes it looks a lovely outfit xx

  2. Hi I love the outfit , I quite agree things shouldnt just be saved. Everyday is a good day. I love eighties music & films. I hope you had a good boogie with your hubby xx

  3. Sequins should always be worn on a dull day. You look fab, pink really suits you. x

  4. I do love a bit of sparkle. I have a fab t-shirt from very.co.uk - it's slouchy with bands of sequins across the front. I love wearing it with casual jeans and flip flops, in fact I'm more likely to wear sequins during the day than for a night out...

  5. Oh my goodness, I think I love you.

  6. Hello Mrs glamourous!!! I love it!

  7. I always thought I was a raven as I tend to gather shiny baubles to build my next, ha ha.
    You look amazing in your shiny sequined glory. That pink is perfect- so flattering on skin tones, and bright but not gaudy. I'm impressed that your shoes are the same shade- nice match up!

  8. You look lovely.I love the shoes. My favourite are the round toe ones :)


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