Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Work Experience

Can you remember what you wanted to be when you were at school?

I remember wanting to be a nursery school teacher as I loved little kids.

That then changed into a pop star, in fact I wanted to be Madonna!

After realising my singing was pants I then settled on being a hairdresser, which is what I went into once I left school. However when my eldest was on the way I never finished my training and went into the retail sector in order to pay the bills and never left.
Isn't it strange how things pan out?

Can you remember your work experience from school?

Well my youngest has had a week of work experience and because she wants to go into medicine, (she obviously has her fathers brains!) she was well and truly stuck for a placement.

Nowhere to do with medicine will allow a school child anywhere near, so we had to improvise for her.

Infact she ended up going to work at hubby's store..

Firstly let me tell you that she has said for as long as I can remember that she would never, ever work for our company and guess what?

She loved every minute and said she would be happy to work weekends if she can whilst studying!

Here's what she looked like kitted out for work;

Ash with Jude the security guard.

As a thank you they gave her a box of chocolates, she was very pleased.

As you can see from the doodles, lots of hard work was done!
Doesn't seem five minutes since I was dropping her off at nursery!

God I feel old!

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  1. I did two work experience stints. First was in the local library which was awesome as we mostly ate biscuits and I got to go in the Stacks!

    The second was with the mounted police which was equally fun. Lots of walking around with injured gigantic horses and yet more eating of biscuits...

  2. I wanted to be a barrister and did my work experience in the local law courts. I also did a lot of photocopying for the first time, and the smell of the toner still reminds me of that!

  3. what is the company? I remember i worked in the hairdressers that i had a sat job in!

  4. I wanted to teach but my work experience in a school made me realise children drove me daft.

  5. Looks like the work experience went well.
    I remember having working experience in a hairdressers making the tea washing & drying the perm rods & sprinkling talcum powder on them!. I remember being in awe of the girls who were all made up and wearing heels!

  6. Hi there-sounds like she got on very well indeed, good for her! Love your Aztec skirt too, looks fab on xxx


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