Saturday, 9 July 2011

Monthy Treats Thrifty Style!

This month is, like most other months is a tight one.  
Not only is it a five week month, my least favourite type of month, but also it has birthdays as well as holidays to be pain.  

Double bummer!
It’s really not helped that hubby has just booked to go to Vegas next January and that has had to be paid for in full, as he is off with my nephew to celebrate his 21st birthday. On top of that I had booked for my youngest 16th birthday trip, for her and I to go to New York.  Now neither of these trips could be in any shape or form as trifty it’s fair to say.  But the ray of sunshine is that I have been given some inheritance from my aunts estate which will luckily pay for both.
So what are we up to that is thrifty?
Well the first thing happens this weekend, tonight in fact. As a family we are off to an out door concert at Shugborourgh  Hall to a Queen concert. 
This is classed as our family outing for the month and as the tickets were a reduced family rate it even means that Ashleigh can take a friend with her. Please keep your fingers crossed for good weather!
The second will be out for a meal with friends to celebrate a birthday.  

As we take it in turns to pay this time will be free for us, so definatley a thrify treat!
The third is a little bit of segway racing curtsy of tesco vouchers! 
I purchased these as a Christmas gift for Hubby and youngest and they are very excited about it.
We  also have a few National trust visits planned. 
Which as we have an annual pass means no out lay on the day.
So whilst we really have no spare pennies we shall still be having a great time.

What does this month hold for you?

X x

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  1. yey your trips sound great, something to look forward to! this month...i'm off for a 10 day trip to the military show next weekend yipppeeeee


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