Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Treating Others Whislt Still Treating yourself

There is nothing better than treating those you love.

However you still have to be mindful of the pennies it costs.

Take the weekend for example, Ashleigh really wanted to go and see the new Harry potter film.
No problem with that but I haven't seen the last two films (shame on me I know!) and hubby hasn't seen even more, so it was a real waste for either of us to go and see it.

So Ashleigh went off with my nephew to see it as our treat. (£16!)
Of course next is popcorn and drinks (£7!) I am always to tight to buy them and take my own.
 (shh don't tell!)

So a nice treat then becomes a fairly expensive one.

That said, they both came back having had a great time and very thankful.

Whilst they were enjoying the film I ventured into the local charity shops and found a perfect cardy for Ashleigh.

A grand total of £1.99.
(bet the wool cost more than that!)

All hand knitted too.

That's more my kind of treat.

X x


  1. Ooh, oooh, oooh I love that cardigan.
    And HOW MUCH to go the cinema?

  2. Wow! Hand knitted?! What a find!

  3. How lovely is that cardi? What a find.
    I haven't seen any Harry Potter films. x

  4. Jesus that's expensive for a cinema trip! I'm a bit of a cinema nut so I've got a membership for my favourite one which makes things considerably cheaper. I take my own sweets though.

  5. That is a lovely cardi - just the kind of thing I was looking for for ages - ended up getting a soulless new verion in the New Look sale for £5.

    Sometimes if I make an expensive purchase, a cheaper purchase helps to even it out. So the cinema trip might have been expensive at £23, but on average the two treats for your daughter were £12.50 each! That's my Lucy-Logic anyway!


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