Monday, 11 July 2011

A Touch Of Aztec.

I decided on a little bit of Aztec this morning when I got dressed.

Orange, brown, green and red all seem to be present in this get up.
(Trust me its not quite as horrid as it may sound!)

It has kept me smart and cool.

Only down side is it tends to crease a little!

Top - Next (years old)
Skirt - Primark (years old too)
Sandals - fashion union (gift) 

Ever so slightly creased!

This Primark skirt was purchased many years ago and the difference in the quality to the skirts they sell now is vast! It is double lined and a great fabric mix too. Shows how things have changed!

I think the patterning is very Aztec.

The colours are a great mix, it even has gem stones sew into it to.

And in case of an emergency it could always be used as a parachute!

It has tuns of fabric.

And curtsy!
Be great for curtsying.

To finish off I wore my green sandals.

Green sandals and bright pink nail varnish!
I love green.
It's a standing joke in our house how much I like snotty green.

Oh and bows.

So these cover all bases!

X x


  1. It's lovely, I love embroidery. Those sandals are a fab colour. x

  2. nice colours!! I went to primark the other day and could have bought it all haha

  3. gorgeous skirt, and I adore your shoes x

  4. Oh that's FAB! Looks gorgeous with your colouring as well.

    I kinda miss the days when Primark actually used to make decent quality stuff. Everything is so cheap now. I know I sound like a moany old woman...

  5. Oh, I have that skirt, it's lovely isn't it? Quite heavy too so you can wear it in the Winter as well as Summer.

    K xx

  6. Thanks guys.

    Yes Keshling it is heavy material so perfect for seeing you through winter too.

    Alex I moan about the quality all the time, so your not on your own.

    X x

  7. Those colours really suit you, and I love the fabulous green shoes!


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