Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Killer Queen

Saturday evening saw us visiting Shugborough Hall for an out door Queen concert.

To be fair I had been dreading it, not because of the concert but because of the awful weather we had been having.

I shouldn't have worried as the sun shone down on us and we had a splendid evening.

Yummy ice creams all round.
What a beautiful setting to watch a concert too.

We were so close to the front it was great.

Even the babies of the family enjoyed it!
Ash and her friend.

Hubby even had a dance, 

Although I think the whole bottle of red wine may have been the reason for that!

And even though Ash may look like it she didn't have any wine, honest!

I loved this fat bottom girls tshirt.

Would we go again?

It was fantastic seeing all different ages enjoying a good concert.
Hell yes!

X x


  1. Shugborough's a great venue, isn't it? I was never a Queen fan but I'd have been happy necking the red wine and enjoying the glorious weather. x

  2. oh i love queen sounds like a fun night!


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