Monday, 11 July 2011

The Weight Of The World Upon My........


Yes that's right hips!

In a world that shows women stick thin is it any wonder that we all have insecurities about out size?

Now I've never felt that fat but since hubby has lost three stone I've kind of felt the chubby one. 

Silly right? I know that's what hubby thinks.
Andy on his 40th in Hong Kong before his health kick.

Hubby celebrating in Hong Kong (3 stone heavier then!)

He looks fab. Much younger and healthier, with so much more energy.

Andy after beginning his health kick, celebrating my birthday in Venice

A very trim and fit hubby at the top of yet another mountain!

I on the other hand I feel tired all the time and have a spare tyre hugging my waist.

I'm wondering if I feel so shattered as I've stopped being so active since all my Three Peaks training has stopped. Trouble is I have no get up and go to get back to it.

That said I m going to force myself to.

The diet is back on and the exercise classes are booked. (zumba and boxercise)
Swimming happens every night so I can get at least 20 lengths in which must count for some thing right?

My weight at the moment sits at 11 stone 3.
And my size 14 clothes are feeling a little snug!
I don't want to be skinny I just want to loose the spare tyre I have some how gained.

Any advice would be very much welcomed.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to swimming!

X x


  1. i have no advice as i don't excersise, in fact i'm thinking that while i'm away next week i may do some long walks otherwise i will sit on my backside for ten days and that cant be good!! but i would say go for it!

  2. Wow, well done to Hubby he looks fab! You DO probably feel sluggish because you're not as active - it sounds so cliche but it's true - must be those endorphins everyone goes on about! Oh and I really ate loads in the run up to the 3 peaks (good excuse eh?) and have had to give myself a talking to afterwards!

    I've only been on a diet once in my life after my greed and eating got out of control, I lost a stone and a half in six months through calorie counting (Food Focus online) - things like simply swapping a normal tea with milk and sugar for a fruit tea with neither can save 200 calories over a day.

    I also love pilates just for how it makes me feel (sort of supple and loose!) - it makes you stand up straighter and strengthens your core so you look slimmer instantly after a class! Best of luck! x

    Guess what the word verification is? Trifles!! Argh!

  3. Andy has done brilliantly and looks years younger now he's shifted those excess pounds.
    I can't offer you any advice, if you set your mind to shedding the pounds you will, it's just reaching that decisive moment yourself. x

  4. Thanks Vix. I think he looks stunning but I m slightly bias!

    I need to get my but into gear. Off or a long walk tomorrow to kick me back into the fitness regime.

    X x


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