Monday, 4 July 2011

June Scavenger Hunt

A little late is posting this but never the less here it is;

1. An elephant

This is from a recently thrifted skirt.

2. A Wheel trim
Not very exciting, but hubby's wheel trim!

3. Architectural detail

From a visit to a local national trust property.

4. Cheese
Well whats not cheesy about grown folk dressing up and going to see Glee!?

5. Night
The view after finishing one of our practice walks.

6. Tree branches
A huge old tree from our visit to a national trust property.
It looks like a wise old tree, if that's at all possible?!

7. Cutlery
My jug for our "Sunday" cutlery. Get me!

8. A childhood memory
My two girlie's on a camping trip. They loved them.
Where have the years gone?!

9.A farm animal
A not too friendly fella, spotted whilst walking.

10. Some thing beginning with Z
My courgette plants. (zucchini)

11. The view from outside your door
The view from my conservatory door.

I'm hoping to be able to post this months on time!

Hope you all had a good weekend.

X x


  1. Ah I love your ellies, and yes I always think that trees are a bit wise :)

  2. lovely pics! you have a great view out your door, lovely garden!

  3. I love the view from your door.
    I have no idea what Glee is, Chris Moyles was on about it the other day. I am hopelessly behind the times in the world of music/TV. x

  4. Great pics. I love elephants.

    The view from your conservatory is lovely x

  5. Hi my dear-fabulous pictures, the one of your girls is just lovely xx

  6. awwh such a lovely post, love the view from your door ! <3

  7. That "Glee" picture is the absolute best. GLEEK LOVE.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. i went to see glee too! obsessed. xx


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