Saturday, 23 July 2011

Six Weeks Of Heaven Or Hell???

Ok so whether you have children or not I am sure you will be aware that today sees us beginning the start of the six weeks holiday.

This can only mean one of two things;

You love it or hate it!

 As a child of course it's great, however as a parent it can fill you full of dread due to the cost of trying to occupy them in this crappy British weather.

For me I am lucky, Ashleigh at 15 makes plans to see her friends and generally it won't cost me the earth.

So here's how we shall be spending six weeks.

Andy has the first week off and will take Ashleigh to a few horse riding sessions, (Groupon, don't you love it!) as well as swimming and clothe shopping for holiday essentials.

The second week she has plans with friends including a possible trip to Alton Towers. (buy one get one free ticket!)

That Saturday sees her off to PGL for 7 nights to do a driving course.

Then home for a week, in which we have tickets for the circus at Eden Project. 
(Tesco vouchers)

Finally for the last two weeks we are off to Mexico, I can't wait!

Work is relentlessly busy for me and time off will be sparse, which I feel very guilty about. But the truth is with out me working we couldn't afford all the nice things so instead I try to balance. 

So what are your plans for the six weeks?

Lot's of children activities?
Or avoid any areas Children might be at all costs?

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  1. Ooh Mexico! Bet you're looking forward to that.

    I must admit that I don't like hoards of kids around so I tend to get stroppy in busy places during the summer holidays. If they're well behaved I don't mind so much but uck, so many people seem to have no idea how to bring up their children. (I know I sound like a narky old bat).

  2. I love the school holidays as lots of my friends are teachers and we can have long boozy day time drinking sessions and road trips to towns with lots of charity shops and it means the posh primary school on the corner is closed so no "yummy mummies" double parking and causing traffic chaos as they attempt to drop little Brooklyn off in their Porsche despite living in the next street.
    Not keen on hoards of kids hanging around the town centre and getting under my feet at mid-week car boot sales. x

  3. Even though I have kids (well grown up versions!) I hate having lots of them running under my feet. Work becomes unbearable, as like Alex said people have no idea how to bring them up!

    X x


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