Monday, 25 July 2011

A little bit of feather and leather!

You may have noticed a distinct lack of outfit posts last week and that was fully intended.


Well this week is what is effectionatly known as "Manic!"

I have no day off.
(Now after 3 all say agh!)

And will be spending Monday and Tuesday in Pontypool, Wednesday in Lichfield actioning training sessions, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Malvern actioning open days.

Manic, manic, manic!
(or should that be busy, busy, busy?)

Anyhow as I shall be wearing very business like clothes I kept all my photos of last weeks out fits to share this week. So if they don't match the weather thats the reason behind it.

So firstly Monday I worn,

River Island leather shorts - purchased from new life for £6!
eBay top £3
eBay sandals £4 

No body odour here! lol!

Cute cut out detail at back of top

Stud detailing on sleeves

Very badly painted toe nails! oops.

Ankle detail of stones and feathers

I really would not have brought these shorts when I saw them in the shop for two reasons, firstly the price and secondly I am probably a bit too old to wear leather shorts. (I had quite a few pairs in my youth)

But when I saw them at this price and I tried them on I had Vix's voice in my ear saying "wear what you like not what other expect to see you in!"

So of course I did.

X x


  1. Check out those legs.
    You look FANTASTIC!

  2. You look gorgeous, I'm five years older than you and still wear my leather shorts with pride!
    Those sandals are stunning, I love them so much.
    Hope you survive such a hectic week. x

  3. Great outfit and you have the confidence to pull it off.

    aaah Vix is such an inspiration I think of her too when I am shopping.


  4. You have got such a great body! I get really paranoid about my jiggly inner thighs so my shorts are usually teamed up with tights and heels to create the false impression that I've got good legs. You have no need of these tricks - I'm jealous!

    Really want to go back to New Life. I had a great time there last year.

    ps - hope you're racking up all that overtime as holiday allowance!

  5. you are rocking those leather shorts! Outfit win! My fave look from you so far.

  6. i dont think ive seen any leather shorts around! You go girl!!

  7. Hi my dear-you rock leather shorts, a very stylish and fabulous look! Sorry I haven't commented on your blog for ages, I had been on internet explorer and it wasn't letting me leave comments. I've just gone on safari and it appears I can do so now. have a great week ahead and your holiday soon to Mexico sounds wonderful indeed xxx


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