Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Fresh Air Of A New Year.

Nothing beats a good stroll to dust away the cobwebs.

So heres just a few pictures from our walk.

The ducks were enjoying a little sun after all the wind and rain of late.

The canal looked very pretty steeped in sunshine.

Ahh... How sweet, hubby and I hand in hand.

The sky soon turned a littler dark.

Hubby in big blue, the coat that is.
I love the colour settings on my camera.

It made the berries stand out on the hedge.

We could be miles away from it all with this view.

But the sign posts soon told us how far.

The reflections in the water looked lovely.

It's strange to think that these canals have hardly changed over the years.

It was a beautiful and chilled walk which thankfully stayed dry too.

X x


  1. beautiful pictures, does your camera take pictures like that (the blue and red) or do you photo shop them?

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I didn't even know that camera's could do that!

  3. Great pictures! I do love a canal towpath.
    Jon accidentally took a photo of me using that setting on the camera but we've never found it again. x

  4. Great photos - love the berries one particularly! x

  5. Thanks guys, yes the camera does it all. I haven't used half of the settings to be fair. Maybe that can be a goal for this year.

    X x

  6. loving your colours in the pics, i really need to learn how to do that! x

  7. Hi there-sounds like a lovely way to spend quality time together and great pics too xx

  8. Awww, everything is so pretty! I love the duckies. :) You and your husband's shadow picture is my favorite.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. Happy New Year! Great photos - I LOVE the one of your shadows.

  10. pretty looking day! I wish I had some time off to have a peaceful day too :)
    hope you can join my makeup giveaway!


  11. Beautiful photos!


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