Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Working Attire.

I know that all of us bloggers are always very nosy as to what each of us wear on a day to day basis.

And I must admit that as most of my work outfits tend to be very much the same. (Oh how I hate you corporate business!) I don't take photos every day because of this.

However in true blogging spirt I shall share as much as possible this year.

Just forgive me that the majority will not be very inspiring!

Dress - George
Top - Old navy
Tights - George
Shoes - New Look
Scarf - company issued

Told you it wasn't that interesting!

X x 


  1. the red scarf adds a real pop of colour x

  2. i'm dying to know what company you work for!

  3. I love that George dress, I bet it's super versatile too x


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