Saturday, 14 January 2012

Wardrobe Overhaul!

"I have nothing to wear!!!"

Sound familiar?

I bet it does, however it really isn't a true fact, as I have lots to wear.

The biggest problem is seeing the wood for the trees!

So enter wardrobe de-clutter.
And this is just one of them!

I shall be ruthless, if I don't love it, it goes.  If I haven't worn it in forever it goes.

The same for my beloved shoes.

(Even if I did purge then last year! Boo Hoo)

What I can sell, I will and then I shall create a back up clothing fund to replace things as needed.

Anything else shall be either given to charity or into the clothing banks.

To tackle this endless task heres what I wore;
Top - H&M
Jeans - ASOS

Cardigan - Adsa

Earrings  -  Christmas gift from daughter

Shoes - from America

If you don't hear from me for a while send in help!

X x


  1. Hi Hope your sister is doing ok.
    Is your eating plan going well?( I dont call it diet!).We are virtually the same weight. I feel less bloated but have not lost any weight yet. But health wise feel like its a step in the positive direction
    I cannot believe how much you have in your wardrobe & the shoes how many!. My wardrobe looks like I hardly have anything inside it!.
    x x

  2. haha I say this all the time!! I love those ballet pumps they are adorable xx

  3. love your bright cardi and co-ordinating shoes.
    I always look at my wardrobe in dispair.

  4. Good luck, looks like a big task X

  5. Thanks guys. What a mammoth task!

    My eating is going ok. That said we had friends over last night for a meal and had so rather yummy food!

    Still need the exercise to kick in though. Hope you are getting on ok, looking at your blog it looks like you are.


  6. Hi my dear! Well done, its great to have an overhaul every now and then-you and charity both benefit! xx

  7. ps - I had a good clear out too recently. Watch out eBay! Tip for ya: hold off eBay til the High St sales end as eBay is slower for private sellers then while people shop the high st! FACT! xx


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