Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Cheap As Chips...

The one thing about Christmas is that every thing seems to be done in excess.

Booze, food, gifts the list is endless.

What this does mean for the more savvy of us is that we can do some very cheap food shopping.

And I have done just that.


And thats only the few items that have not been used so far.
(we've had hummus, lamb, beef, vegetable, fruit and much more)

What it means is that we now have home made brandy, vanilla and toffee ice cream for a grand total of approximately 6p.

Three home made chunky soups which will each do two meals for approximately 30p a meal.

Along with a healthy stew, pie and pasties too.

Saving even more pennies to be added to the bank account rather than spending at the shops.

X x


  1. My first stop .when shopping is the reduced section ,and Im usually not alone ,These days ,it has to be done! Then I decide the meal around the bargain .as well as something for the freezer too if Im lucky , Jan xx

  2. I love a supermarket markdown but they are so hit and miss, I always do well with bread though as I know exactly which time to go!

  3. I love the reduced section,havent managed to get any bargains for weeks,i begrudge paying full price for anything now.
    Got a few bits in Boots today.

    Are you home now?


  4. i love woopsie items you can save a fortune xx

  5. we used to raid the reduced shelf and got so many bargains.

  6. I love grabbing a bargain!

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  8. I too am such a bargain shopper!!



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