Sunday, 22 January 2012

Phew! Finally it's finished.

Yep we have finished the green house.

Who knew if would be this hard and take Sooo long?!

It's now on the foundations and the glass is in as well as the door now working, which took forever to get right. My fingers are cold, my nose is red and I can't stop sniffing but it's a job well done.

We've even covered the ground, to help it warm up and had three trips to the tip to get rid of the rubbish as well.

So now I've showered and shall prepare for the family to descend on us for lunch. The lamb is roasting nicely and making the house smell Devine.

Now what shall I do yummy for pudding?!!

X x


  1. crumble, always a winner.
    Great job on your greenhouse x

  2. Hi looks fantastic & it will be bursting with goodness soon. I expect you needed a good soak in the bath to ease the aches & pains x

  3. great job! looking sat this makes me realise how neglected mine is! i find it so exciting when things start to grow...


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