Sunday, 1 January 2012

The Six Month Recap.

Another year has passed us by and my what a year it has been!

In June I recapped on the previous six months so it's only fair on the first day of a new year I recap on the last six months of 2011.
(More to remind me of the year it's been more that anything else)

So here goes;

Saw us rocking out at a killer Queen concert at shrugbourgh hall.

And segway racing like school kids.

Saw us chilling out in the beautiful Mexico.

Swam with whale sharks;

And experiences zip wires, caves and cliff jumps;

Saw me brake my wrist.

Never ever again thanks!

The removal of the cast.

We enjoyed halloween fun.

We celebrated Ashleighs 16th in style by visiting New York.

And threw an Alice in wonderland theme party too.

And the famous Frankenstein bolt was adorned!

Brought Christmas celebrations,

And parties galore.

Even an Elf made an appearance along with giggling girlies too!

Some great highs and a few lows too.

Overall a great 6 months and great year infact.

It has brought back fabulous memories and a huge smile to my face.

I am looking forward to creating more memories in 2012.

So heres to 2012 what ever it may bring.

X x


  1. looks like you have had a great fun year. I want for more fun this year & a laugh. Did not get alot last year ! x

  2. You crammed a lot of excitement into 6 months - wow! Happy 2012 to you and yours x

  3. great times :) heres to more fun in 2012!


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