Sunday, 1 January 2012

Hopes And Dreams for 2012

Happy New Year To You!

And of course to your loved ones too.

Heres what I hoped for 2011;

"So what do you want from 2011? 
Well I've given it some serious thought. 
I want to do something kind every day, make more time for the people I care about rather than the people I think I should. 
I want to get my house in order and be glad for what I have, not covet what I don't. Try hard in my new role at work and enjoy life. 
Also to embrace new skills, whilst refocusing on the ones I've neglected. 
In general I just want to be happy!"

To be fair I could almost say exactly the same for this one to.

So for 2012 I hope for;

Good health for my family;

And all of my friends too.

I would like for Ashleigh to achieve exam results

 that she is happy with!

To get my body fit,

And to a shape I am happy with.

To try harder to make time for loved ones

And friends.

To continue to stay frugal,

And not hanker after material things.

And of course to keep blogging,

As I've made some fantastic friends along the way this year.

So what are your hopes and dreams for this new year?
(much nicer than making new year resolutions in my humble opinion!)

X x


  1. I could not have put it better myself. That pretty much mirrors what I hope for this year to.
    Lean & toned sounds good to me. As I say lazing on the sofa with my jelly belly! xx

  2. And I have to agree to another one with the same thoughts. Very well put.

  3. Happy New Year! Great hopes for the New Year. I'm not a resolution maker either, I just go with what life chucks at me and make the most of every minute. x

  4. Well said, these are great aspirations. I have some silly ones (learn to use liquid eyeliner and master the cats eye look) and some biggies (make significant changes in my work).
    Hope 2012 is full of fabulousness and sparkle x

  5. happy new year. I love your list, they are all very sincere and ideal objectives x

  6. Great post! Happy New Year!


  7. i have too many dreams for my own good! ha! I'm plotting and scheming in my head all day :)


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