Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Good Bye Gift Or Two (Or Even Three Or Four)

Bless them!

My work colleagues gave me a Good Bye gift today.

In fact they gave me a few...

The chocolates shall be staying in the box, as I am trying to good,

The bubbly shall be opened on Wednesday 1st to celebrate my birthday, (minus hubby, not that I'm bitter!)

And the vouchers shall be added to the order £50 I have, ready to be spent on the weekend.

It will be lovely to treat myself without having to spend any money!

X x


  1. I love vouchers....ooh the possibilities!

  2. You leaving your job? Or did you mean Good Buy lol?.Show us what you get.

  3. What you like Nelly! I will share with you any photos of the goodies I buy. Wouldn't like to guess what I shall spend it on but I really need to avoid the shoe department! Lol!

    X x

  4. oh you lucky girl! hope you find something great to spend it on!


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