Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Years Frolics.

If your anything like me you enjoy being ever so slightly nosy at what everyone else got up to on New Years Eve, well heres what we did.

The Mystery Of The Pyramids Of Giza

A murder mystery evening.

Only the eight of us but we had such good fun.

Meet the characters,
Indian Jones eat your heart out!

Played by hubby.
Pretending to be educated!

Played by me!
Two sassy ladies

Played by Ashleigh's best friend

Played by Ashleigh
The stylish widow

Played by the mother in law
The grieving son.

Played by the father in law
The rather camp doctor and his Egyptian nurse

Played by eldests boyfriend

Played by Kassie

We enjoyed a great meal at the same time accompanied with lots of wine of course!
(Not too good for the diet this!)

Would you believe that the murder was.....

Looking so innocent to!

And of course we all celebrated the new year in style toasting with a glass of champagne before heading into the street to watch the fireworks.

Hope you all had fun what ever you did.

X x


  1. What a great night's entertainment! Kassie looks stunning with her gold head dress and I love Ashleigh's shoes! x

  2. that looks like so much fun!

  3. That looks like a brilliant fun evening, may well try it myself on a few friends - I'd been thinking of ideas for a themed evening - thank you x

  4. That looks so much fun, I'd love to do a murder mystery night X

  5. Aw, looks great fun! I'm off to a murder mystery thing at a hotel in a coupla months and I'm looking forward to it!

  6. Hi, I was wondering if you could help me?? I have purchased pyramids of Giza online to play next Saturday but as there's only six of us I need to know who the additional characters are in order to ensure I don't give them out! We won't receive the actual box until Friday, so I was hoping to find this out online! When I googled I came across your post - I haven't read it all cause I'm scared you say who the murderer is, but please please please could you reply and let me know who the two additional characters were?? Thank you so much! :)

    ~ Lauren <3


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