Thursday, 19 January 2012

Get Packing!

No I didn't mean you...

Please come back!

What I was referring to was the packing that hubby needs to be doing in order to be ready for his up coming trip to Las Vegas.

He and my nephew Josh are off to celebrate Josh's 21st birthday and fly out in a few weeks time.

We have been to Vegas as a family and really enjoyed it.
Ashleigh in the Luxor which where we stayed

Ashleigh and I outside the Bellagio 

The fountains were amazing

Andy and I on a gondola in the Venetian hotel.

We even had a picnic at the grand canyon.

Ashleigh and I at the grand canyon

family photo

The helicopter ride in and out was amazing.

(2008 Oh it seems like forever ago now)

The only bit I'm not too keen on is the fact he will not be here on my birthday.

Never mind I shall still speak to him every day thanks to Skype.

X x


  1. your vegas trip looked amazing, lots of memories to look back on x

  2. I'm quite jealous, I would love to experience las Vegas once in my lifetime! X

  3. Aah I'm totally going to Las Vegas next year, it looks amazing! :)

  4. LOve the photos of the vegas trip it looks fab xx

  5. I really wanna go there!! It has to be amazing!

  6. Would LOVE to go to Vegas - it's definitely on my wishlist! Hope the greenhouse building is going well - looking forward to an update x


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